Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of Dec. 16

This week: Free alcohol. Now that we have your attention, also see our item on wearable luggage. And video!

Whee: JetBlue will give you a free drink on ‘select flights’ through New Year’s Eve if you simply show off your airline-branded AmEx card (free for the first year, $40 after that). But please, just one, okay? Cheers!

Fashion/travel story of the year: CNN has compiled a slew of them. Our favorite? The amazingly stupid-looking wearable luggage. Drop everything, go see the pictures right now.

Super Bowl airline perk: If you fly any Seattle-departing Alaska Airlines flight in the next few weeks, and you’re wearing a jersey with the number 3 on it – the numeral belonging to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson – you get to board early. Gosh, what if Wilson himself shows up – does he get to fly the plane?

TSA Update: Couple of things they’d like you to know. 1.) The TSA site has a new Spanish-language page; 2.) There’s also a new page for kids and their parents; and 3.) 37 guns were confiscated from luggage in the past week and 30 weapons were loaded. What were you thinking? Don’t fly with guns.

Headline of the day: From Global Travel Industry News – “Frostpaw the Polar Bear will Join President Obama During Hawaii Vacation”. Here’s hoping your holidays are nearly as exciting.

Nasty airline confirmation code: A young man glanced at his Delta boarding pass and noted the confirmation code was H8GAYS. Delta apologized while noting it was a random, computer-generated code and we have no reason to doubt that.

Good logo, bad logo: Doug Parker, who used to run US Airways and is now head honcho of the ‘New American’ is asking employees to decide whether to keep its new logo and livery or go back to the old one. Interesting, especially since AA had to have forked over big bucks for the redesign (but they never said how much). UPDATE: An American pilot told us, “It’s nice to be asked.” He’s likes the old look better.

Gifts for travelers: USA Today has a nice list which includes the intriguing SafetyTat – a temporary tattoo placed on a toddler’s arm with parental cell phone numbers on it, in case you lose the wee one at the airport. Of course, this list will pale in comparison to Rick Seaney’s upcoming annual survey of Best Gifts from SkyMall.

Bad passengers: Learn what to do if you’re ever confronted with a very bad seatmate.

How dare you! Chris Elliott asks, what can you do when your airline offends you? And the answer is not much. Well, we’re here to tell you, you can file a complaint and here’s precisely how to do that.

Very bad passengers: Most of us are perfect passengers. Bad ones are rare – but! – on the increase or so says an international airline group which cites numerous recent incidents including “a violent attack on a stewardess in China, an American viewing pornography on his computer, and a South African couple having sex in first class.” Oh, dear.

Find a flight deal: Subtle yet sneaky self-promotion but you will find the best prices right here.

Change your name, win apartment for year: In what has to be the most bizarre airline marketing idea ever, Lufthansa asks Swedes to agree to change their name (legally) for a chance to win an all-expenses paid move to Berlin which includes a paid-up apartment for a year in a hip neighborhood (think Brooklyn’s Williamsburg – maybe). See the amusing video below.

VIDEO: Yes, it’s in German but there are subtitles – not that you’ll need them.


Published: December 16, 2013