Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week of May 5, 2014

This week: Rage and loaded guns. Now let’s all chill out with some peaceful video.

LISTEN: FareCompare’s Alexandria Williams and Anne McDermott stumble across a few of the 7 deadly sins.

Strange, Unusual and Just Plain Odd

Passenger of the week: A man said to be “in a rage” aboard a Delta flight from Atlanta to LaGuardia was taken down by fellow passengers and taken to a hospital for evaluation upon landing. According to a news report, “the man had just bought his ticket hours before the flight and was reportedly acting strangely” but who wouldn’t be after paying those rage-inducing last minute prices?

Slow week for TSA: It must have been slow since they only found 30 guns at the nation’s security checkpoints (compared to 42 last week). Two things to know about those 30 guns: 1.) All were found in carry-on bags. 2.) 26 of those 30 guns were loaded. Wow.

VIP college tour: Magellan Jets is offering a special deal for high school kids and parents about to embark on the annual ritual known as the college tour and that is do it via private plane. Cost of 10 hours of flight time: $43K. Why yes, that is roughly the cost of tuition/room and board for a year.

Hugs for haters: Spirit wants to embrace everyone including those who wish them ill. They also have a nifty stripper video that you can see here.

Sex on a plane: A British woman aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight was arrested upon arrival for bad behavior during the flight. The alleged misbehavior included having loud, drunken sex in the lavatory (with a brand new acquaintance) then screaming abuse at the crew, who ultimately had to shackle her to a seat. Our question: Was the seat next to her parents? She was traveling with them.

Sexy uniforms: According to news reports, Cathay Pacific flight attendants want their uniforms to be “less sexy”. Complaints include skirts are too tight and blouses too short. The union is particularly concerned due to a rise in sexual harassment incidents against crew members.

That’s Sir Richard to you: He may be turning 64 this summer but Virgin’s Richard Branson can crowd surf with the best of them, as he proved last night in Dallas. He’s in town to drum up support of Virgin America’s bid to fly out of Southwest’s Love Field stronghold (or what VA calls, it’s ‘stranglehold‘). As for that ‘sir’ business, he was knighted by Prince Charles back in 2000.

Billion dollar bags: As Bloomberg reports, one of these days, one U.S. airline will actually collect a billion dollars in baggage fees. We’re looking at you, Delta.

Hint from Heloise: When you pack your medications, you may need to include the prescription and/or the labeled pill bottle.

Is the TSA more tolerable? Yes, says the LA Times. Now, take your shoes off or better yet, join PreCheck.

Etihad’s ‘Apartment in the sky’: The airline’s new Residence class (think, super-duper first class) includes a shower. It also includes a butler. Service begins in January 2015 and we just priced out a flight from Abu Dhabi to London: $42,000 round-trip. Not sure if that includes a $50 bag fee, though. See the video below.

81 pounds o’ pot: The TSA found 81 pounds of pot in checked-luggage and the owner was arrested but if you  think that’s the worst of it, you haven’t seen those  airline overweight bag fees lately.

VIDEO: Etihad’s Residence Class – for people with a whole lot of money.


Published: May 5, 2014