Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week of June 16, 2014

This week: Puppies and romance, what more could you want? For those saying, “Iceland video” we have that too.

Strange, Weird or Just Plain Odd

June 20 is Take Your Dog to Work Day: Sadly, Southwest tells us they do not exactly celebrate this occasion (no dogs in cockpits – I asked) but the airline is animal-friendly: Employees are given the option of Pet Insurance for their canine/feline pals and Southwest also helped airlift pets from overcrowded shelters in the wake of Hurricane Sandy (picture of pilot and pup courtesy Southwest).


Airport proposal: Passengers getting off a plane in Kansas City kept handing Ashley Kracht flowers and she was no doubt wondering, what’s up with that? Turns out they were all in on the secret, that her boyfriend (who she was waiting for) was about to propose which he did on video of course. Anyone else long for the days when someone would just say, “Hey, wanna get married?”

How to get banned for life on Delta:Easy, just punch out a flight attendant as a gentleman reportedly did on a flight from Japan to Honolulu last month. Yes, our old friend alcohol is said to have played a pivotal part in this mess but hey, the guy was on his honeymoon.

Flying and World Cup fever: China’s Spring Airlines has taken the rather unusual step of issuing an alert to its staff (including pilots), reminding them not to get too tired watching soccer/football tournament play which airs overnight in China, “so that we have fewer potential safety hazards.”

United loses golf clubs: And not just any golf clubs  mind you but clubs belonging to super-famous golfer Rory McIlroy. Not to worry, though; the Washington Post says the airline began sleuthing (well, after McIlroy asked them to) then tweeted the following: “We have good news. Your clubs will be in tomorrow.” No, that’s so-so news. Good news would have been they arrive today. Or not losing them in the first place. UPDATE: He got his clubs back.

Another Twitter faux pas:  Delta issued a congratulatory tweet about the U.S. win over Ghana in World Cup competition and used a picture of a giraffe to represent Ghana. There are no giraffes in Ghana.

You can’t have my bag: Oh, yes they could. An airline relieves FareCompare’s Rick Seaney of his perfectly legal bag and he was miffed enough to write about it.

A wee bit o’ trouble: A three-year-old on a JetBlue flight had to go to the bathroom but the flight attendant told the mother, no. So the toddler does what toddlers do and winds up in a soaked seat. In fairness to the airline, the plane was on the tarmac awaiting take-off but the flight attendant was reportedly quite snippy and it sounds like the whole thing could have been handled better (apparently JetBlue agrees since they’ve apologized).

Might want to skip this one: A government-sponsored report say some air traffic controllers may not be getting enough rest because the FAA allows them “to work schedules that cram five work shifts into four 24-hour periods.” According to the AP, these skeds are referred to as “rattlers” because they “bite back.”

Cool Icelandair video: Another in a series of unique airline safety demonstration videos, this one starts off conventionally then takes you into the wild. It also makes you want to hop a flight to Reykjavik as soon as possible.

VIDEO: Stick around for the first minute; it gets ruggedly enticing shortly.


Published: June 16, 2014