Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week of July 21, 2014

This week: Special guest appearances by bad passengers, Capt. Obvious and a mystery whale.

LISTEN: FareCompare’s Alex Williams and Anne McDermott have more details on all this deviancy.

Strange, Weird, Unusual, Odd

Headline of the day: “How are flight attendants affected by plane disasters?” Not too well, we imagine. Turns out we are right. [Hat tip to Capt. Obvious]

Bad passenger: According to a news report, a 35 year old woman on an Allegiant plane in North Dakota allegedly assaulted the flight attendants and was arrested (yes, she was reportedly intoxicated). Eh, big deal. What’s really interesting is that Fargo’s airport is called Hector International.

Cartoons on Southwest: The popular airline adds the Cartoon Network to its streaming video options but bring your own device because the airline has no seatback screens.

Swanky lounges: Some offer free champagne, personal assistants, even cigar rooms. Great! Not so great is that you have to be a big shot (first or business class) and sadly, most of us aren’t but hey! At least we’re saving money.

FAA ban: As of noon eastern time on Tuesday, July 22, the FAA has banned U.S. airlines from flying to or from Tel Aviv’s  Ben Gurion Airport for a period of up to 24 hours due to the potential for rocket strikes. Some airlines told CNN they’d already temporarily suspended service there. UPDATE #1: On July 23, the FAA extended the flight ban for another 24 hours. UPDATE #2: Just before midnight Wednesday (July 23), the FAA lifts the restriction.

Bad move, dude: A Southern California man who tried to smuggle 7 pounds of cocaine in his hollowed-out surfboard was just sentenced to 5 years in prison. That’s a lot of awesome waves you’ll be missing.

Game of Thrones groans: The groans (via Twitter of course) came from Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams after the 17 year old was denied access to the British Airways VIP lounge, presumably because she’s not old enough to drink. Do they not know she’s a celebrity?

Mo’ Money: The TSA fee increase begins Monday (July 21), so expect to a pay more when booking tickets. Sadly, this is one fee you can’t avoid.

Things You’ll Never Find Me In: A hot air balloon. Why? Here’s why.

Pretty much: From Gizmodo – “The Phones on Air Force One Look Like Iron Man Accessories.”

Could have been a rough landing: A seaplane in Alaska pulled up at the last second while making its landing attempt in order to avoid hitting a whale. [See the whale’s ‘warning’ spout at :40]


Published: July 21, 2014