Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week of April 28, 2014

This week: Caviar and confessions. Plus, one very bizarre and very retro video.

Strange, Unusual and Just Plain Odd

LISTEN: Alexandria Williams and Anne McDermott explore the dark side of travel (darkly humorous, anyway).

Confessions of a flight attendant: Yahoo Travel’s anonymous flight attendant “Betty” says her biggest problem today is all the “Ambien zombies” on planes including one out-of-it passenger who walked around the cabin naked. Clearly Betty leads a far more exciting life than most of us.

Eat at Heathrow: London’s iconic airport is apparently a great place for food or so says the Daily Mail: Passengers there swallow 240,000 oysters a year, down 800,000 glasses of champagne and polish off 1.5 tons of caviar.

Rowdy Ryanair flight: According to reports, the crew on a  recent Ryanair flight encouraged passengers to play a “rowdy toilet roll throwing game” in order to win free alcohol. Must have been really rowdy since one of those complaining was a lad in his 20s.

Wedding destinations: Want to drive your parents crazy by having them shell out for a destination wedding? No problem! We’ve got plenty of venues (useful tips, too) and not all these places are over-the-top expensive.

Big changes at Frontier: So many reports about Frontier’s new carry-on fee, but it’s not new. They’ve been charging some passengers this fee for months now, as FareCompare told you last October.

Good news, bad news at O’Hare: Concession sales boomed at the airport in February, bringing in close to $30 million. Then again, this was the same month the city saw some of its worst weather in history and people had to do something during all those delays.

Get off the couch: Air travel ace (and FareCompare CEO) Rick Seaney has six amusing reasons to get off the couch and fly this summer including – travel is not fattening (sometimes!) – but he also includes useful, money-saving tips so read it even if you don’t want to lose weight.

Sterling/Clippers racial allegations: You saw this coming. Advertisers are pulling sponsorships from the Clippers including Virgin America and CarMax. Others will follow.

Actor in a cage: James Cromwell put himself in a wooden crate at the LA airport to protest Air France, which ships primates to labs in similar containers. Tight squeeze for Mr. Cromwell, who is 6 foot 7 inches tall. You may recall the animal-loving actor from Babe where he co-starred with a pig.

Best airport restaurants: In June, look for the Perfectionist’s Café at London Heathrow. Meanwhile, there’s Airbrau for brewskis in Munich, Cat Cora’s Kitchen in San Francisco and in Los Angeles, ink.sack (a sandwich bar). Question: Does anyone really have time for a meal at the airport?

Worst airports for connections: The usual suspects, says Conde Nast– Chicago’s O’Hare, JFK in New York and LAX in Los Angeles. Tip: Build in plenty of time to make connections no matter where you fly.

Oh, no, SkyMall: The amazing catalog is losing eyeballs to iPads (and similar). Fun fact: One of its best-sellers is the Garden Yeti (a must-have item that Rick Seaney never fails to mention in his annual SkyMall gift guide).

UP video: El Al’s discount carrier UP  has a lively safety video. Get out your dancing shoes.

VIDEO: Watch for the chorus – “Everybody up, up!” – at around :50.


Published: April 28, 2014