Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week of April 21

This week: This week’s items are rude and rambunctious and so is our Bridezilla video.

Strange, Unusual and Just Plain Odd

Angry horse: A new brewery in Montebello, Calif. called the Angry Horse caught our attention because of its cool name and because it’s located in the greater Los Angeles area, one of the year’s cheaper destinations.

Angry passenger? Gosh we hope not, but a 23 year old Indiana man did have a “Soviet style” AK-47 in his checked-bag at the Newark airport, complete with three loaded magazine clips. Don’t do this or you’ll be arrested just like he was.

Rudest flight attendants: According to a wholly unscientific poll, Spirit has the rudest, Southwest has the least rude. Funny how you rarely see a ‘nicest flight attendants’ poll but who would click that? [For more, uh, rudeness – see the video below!]

Airlines that satisfy: Not too many, according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index rankings but the good news is the airlines did rank above the IRS. Bad news is, they did worse than the post office, and dealing with the cable company.

Dog bathroom: Detroit’s airport now boasts a lovely square of lush green grass, snazzy sprinkler system and miniature fire hydrant – the Porch Pottie. This is an indoor gizmo, so Sparky won’t have to endure raging weather when he has to do what dogs do.

And speaking of dogs: Two mini-poodles were abandoned by their owners at Los Angeles International and are now all alone in this world, poor pups. If you’d like a pair of “joyful, adorably sweet and super cuddly” canines, they’re up for adoption. Porch Pottie not included.

Edgy ad man moves to Frontier: If you’re a fan of unusual advertising, you probably know Barry Biffle. Besides having an excellent name, he’s the guy behind all those edgy/tasteless/bizarre Spirit ads. Mr. Biffle has been named president of Frontier and we can’t wait for their new ads.

Bags go boom: USA Today reports that a couple of Air Canada baggage handlers last seen (on video!) dropping passenger bags from a 20 foot platform are going to be fired.

Amazing stowaway: What’s amazing is that the 16-year-old kid who hid in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines plane flying from San Jose, Calif., to Honolulu actually survived! Others have not been so lucky.

Fly like a celebrity: We don’t usually quote the Hollywood Reporter but they have a fun write-up on best LA-NYC flights including lists of star flyers. Example: American boasts Amy Poehler, Ringo Star, Venus Williams and Matt Lauer while United transports Bono, Liam Neeson and Seth Myers. Biggest surprise: Meryl Streep is a JetBlue fan.

Bridezilla on a plane: As the Daily News reported, “An unruly bride-to-be donning a white veil was filmed throwing punches on a Ryanair flight to Spain for her bachelorette party.”

VIDEO: See the bride-to-be in what the Daily News calls, “shocking video.” Oh, dear.


Published: April 21, 2014