Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Oct. 25

This week: Wow! Ker-blam! This week’s round-up sounds suspiciously like a comic book.

LISTEN: FareCompare’s Anne McDermott and Alex Williams with more crazy news.

Strange, Weird, Unusual & Odd Stories

Clipped wings: While taxiing at the Minneapolis airport, the wings of two Delta jets “came into contact” with each other as an airline spokesperson put it, which is a nice way of saying they went KER-BLAM.

Cool new hotel: The Virgin Empire strikes Chicago with a ‘stylish’ new hotel – but what other kind would they have? Loads of amenities but the best part is the trundle bed for dogs. You read that right.

Wow Air just got wowier: The low cost Icelandic carrier now offers cheap flights between Reykjavik & Boston and Baltimore (or they will beginning in March). Only hear good things about Iceland, aside from the stray volcano.

Airport grass: No, not that kind, this is about the lawn at California’s Palm Springs airport which was supposed to be converted into a desert landscape, a project that’s now been pushed back ’til next year. Hah! They’re just trying to save money – they know the state’s ongoing drought will do the job for free.

Worst airport: Actually, Pakistan’s Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International is said to be the worst airport to sleep in. Are there really any good ones for snoozing?

Serious note: Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 22, all airline passengers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea traveling to the U.S. must fly into one of five U.S. airports for Ebola-related screening: JFK, Newark, Washington Dulles, Chicago O’Hare or Atlanta. For what it’s worth, most folks from these countries already enter via these airports.

Toilet lawsuit: A young couple on an Alaska Airlines flight settled a lawsuit with the carrier over its bathroom policy. Apparently the duo was in first class but lesser mortals in coach kept using the first class restroom and ultimately words were exchanged between a flight attendant and one of the complainants, a bathroom door was slammed and some sort of injury occurred and – well, we don’t really know since the settlement is confidential but presumably money changed hands.

Fat plane: Here’s a nice change of pace from “too fat to fly” passengers; an EasyJet flight had to dump passengers because the aircraft was too heavy. Or was it heavy passengers bloating up the plane?

Angry passengers: A 10 hour delay for a British Airways flight (mechanical difficulties) brought out the beast in a group of London passengers and also armed airport guards. The vocally irate passengers apparently kept getting told, ‘We’re about to board,’ and then nothing would happen. Eventually the flight took off. We think.

Turbulence: It hit a recent Singapore Airlines flight and hit it hard; 22 people including 14 crew members were taken to the hospital after a rough landing Saturday night in Mumbai. Turbulence can strike without warning so please, when seated, keep your seatbelt on.

Airport bus driver and celebrity: A shuttle driver at LAX hopped off to have a selfie taken with actor/comedian Kevin Hart and got fired. Hart did not think that was fair so he made a video asking for her job back. It worked.

Never-ending flight: A new video from Virgin America is an animated flight in real-time so it’s six hours long. Let us know how you like it, because we sure don’t have time to watch.

VIDEO: We’re told this really picks up steam at around hour five.


Published: October 20, 2014