Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Nov. 8

This week: A Down Under flight adventure + romantic video.

Strange, Weird, Unusual & Odd Stories

Beware the holiday “un-delays”: No, this isn’t about zombies, this is about airline gate agents who say your flight will be delayed an hour and then just as you’re digging into that Cinnabon – the plane takes off. [Been there]

One way to deal with a ‘bad’ passenger: A passenger aboard a Vietnam Airlines flight to Sydney apparently went a little nuts and began trying to open one of the plane’s doors – in mid-flight. Fortunately several gentlemen from Australia and New Zealand were up to the challenge and jumped the guy, wacking him a time or two before neatly tying him up.

Lighter flight attendants: According to the always-engaging Daily Mail, would-be flight attendants who hope to work for India’s GoAir better be “lighter” poundage-wise than their male counterparts. On the off chance anyone has an opinion about this, we’d love to hear it.

Turbulence: An Air France plane heading from Paris to New York had to turn back after encountering heavy turbulence which injured three crew members. No one else was hurt which is pretty amazing considering it was one of those huge A380s that can hold 500+ passengers.

Headline of the day: “[Virgin Australia] denies claims of human waste in aisles.” Nope, said the airline, we had to turn our plane heading to Sydney back to LA due to leaking sinks. Well, whatever it was, passengers allegedly complained that the smell was “unbearable.”

Hatred report: This past summer, Spirit invited folks to vent their hatred on the airlines (yes, including Spirit). Boy did they ever. Favorite quote: “I’d rather watch paint dry than fly Spirit again – they put the S in suck.” They may have a lot of fees but they also have a sense of humor.

Dig in: The New York Times says we’re in the “golden age” of airport restaurants, which is lovely but how many of us have time to eat in the airport?

Southwest wedding: A couple got marriedin mid-air on a Southwest flight from Nashville to Dallas. They read self-composed vows off of their mobile phones [okay?]. See for yourself in the video below.

More Southwest news: New routes are launched as the carrier near final integration with junior merger partner AirTran. Wait, didn’t that already happen? No.

Bad flight: Well it was for Shari Weissman, who was told her seat on a Spirit flight was canceled. Ultimately the snafu was untangled but not before she had to fly another airline home. [Hey, Shari! See the hatred report above]

VIDEO:  So romantic! Wedding video from ABC News.


Updated: November 13, 2014