Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Nov. 15

This week: Video of the pilot you’ll want to fly with.

Strange, Weird, Unusual & Odd Stories

Passenger vs. airline on Twitter: Thanks to the Washington Post, we have this tweet from a law professor reviewing a recent flight: “Beautiful seats, screen, plugs/usb: bad seat pitch and less room for writing on a laptop”. The airline’s response:  “Maybe that’s a sign that you just have to #sitandrelax.” Or maybe a sign that someone at this legacy carrier needs to go back to PR school.

Veteran’s Day honor for Southwest: It’s the only airline on the top 100 most ‘military friendly’ employers, placing at #33.

Exciting landing: Maybe ‘exciting’ wasn’t exactly the word passengers used when their plane came down side-ways during a windy landing at Chicago’s O’Hare (we imagine the word was AIIIEEEEEE). Watch the video below and tell us the word you’d use. Media reports do not identify the airline but the livery appears to be American’s and the pilot appears to be one amazing dude.

Lost dog: Sad story but the airline may not be to blame. It seems a Tampa man’s pitbull bit through his kennel at LAX – apparently before boarding – and took off. KCBS in Los Angeles quotes DOT statistics that indicate more than a dozen dogs have bitten through kennels this year alone.

Stolen computer: A 37 year old California woman was departing Hawaii when her bags were checked and she was allegedly found to be in possession of a stolen computer belonging to Hawaiian Airlines. If your Honolulu flights are delayed, that’s why (oh, just kidding).

Plane kills buffalo: This happened in Gujarat, India when a SpiceJet plane hit a buffalo. The plane was severely damaged; the buffalo, severely dead; passengers severely shaken but otherwise okay. Apparently the poor creature wandered onto the runway from a hole in a fence.

VIDEO: We hope all pilots are as good as this guy.


Updated: November 12, 2014