Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Nov. 1

This week: Happy Halloween! Your treats are fun stories and epic video.

LISTEN: FareCompare’s Alex Williams and Anne McDermott are in a festive mood.

Strange, Weird, Unusual & Odd Stories

Happy Halloween: JetBlue gets in the spirit asking us to “Go Any Witch Way” (and they have some very nice deals) while Spirit covers all the bases by wishing us a “Merry Thankskwanzkkuhween”. As Mom would say, “Don’t eat too much candy.” Instead, fill up on some deliciously tasty airline sales from the Deals Blog.

No cannons, please: TSA says someone tried to bring a cannon barrel – you know, the long thing that shoots cannon balls – through security at the airport in Maui [Maui?]. Do not do this.

Overnight in the terminal: Passengers on a Ryanair flight from Poland were stuck in Krakow’s airport overnight thanks to bad weather but the worst of it was lack of info from airline reps or so passengers claimed. The weary travelers said they only learned their flight was canceled from an airport tweet. Some folks escaped by booking a ferry + 17-hour bus ride. Yes, being stuck at the airport is never fun but there are far worse ones than Krakow.

Miles programs combine: If you are a member of either American’s Advantage or US Airways miles program, the two become one in March. Better read this.

Homeless travelers unwelcome: Or so says the LA Times which reports that young, homeless travelers (once referred to as hobos, I believe) are bothering tourists with aggressive panhandling. One young man is pictured with a sign asking for money because his “options are limited [due] to unwise decisions.”

Creepy: The LA Times reports American Airlines canceled a Los Angeles-London flight this past Sunday “after a passenger’s phone picked up a WiFi network named ‘Al-Quida Free Terror’.” Unfortunately, not much more is known beyond the fact that the police interviewed the phone’s owner and cleared him (or her) to continue traveling.

Use it or lose it: That was the warning from a Southwest exec to business types in Grand Rapids about the airline’s new deals to Dallas. In other words, ‘fly us, not our competitors’ which I suspect is every airline’s motto.

Most epic safety video ever made: Attention Middle Earth fans – see the latest from Air New Zealand below.

Crazy man at airport: At least that’s what witnesses thought after a guy at DFW attacked a man for the ‘crime’ of wearing a pink shirt. Other passengers immediately piled on and subdued him. Yes, there is video. UPDATE: The alleged jerk was charged with simple assault and public intoxication. He told police officers he’d had “100 drinks” but take that with a grain of salt as he was allegedly drunk when he said that.

Bad passengers? Who knows. Per the UK’s Daily Mail, Frontier says a family with a crying two year old were “verbally and physically abusive to flight attendants” on a recent trip from the Dominican Republic to St. Louis, but the family says they were “treated like criminals” and met by police upon landing all because they couldn’t silence their tearful toddler. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between but stay tuned.

The agony and the ecstasy: If you ever flew Allegheny, you may remember the old airline by its nickname: Agony Airlines. American prefers the term, ‘heritage’ airline (it eventually renamed itself US Airways which is now merging with AA). In any event, Allegheny was recently recognized with a special aircraft paint job but cynical oldsters may be wondering if the job was finished on time.

VIDEO: Caution – pointy ears ahead.


Published: October 27, 2014