Not Your Average Travel Stories (And Video): Week of Nov. 25

This week: Bad flight attendant, bad weather, bad scams – but happy video!

When flight attendants go bad: After Patrick Cau was fired from his job as purser with United, he began making bomb threats against his former employer, then confessed when caught. His sentence: $300K in restitution plus 18 months in the slammer.

Weather headlines of the week: CNN screams, “Winter weather could upend best-laid travel plans!” which it then helpfully follows with “10 best cities for winter vacation!” Thanks, CNN! And here’s what to do if your plans are trashed.

Spiritual airports: Nice take by AP on chaplains at the airport. Perhaps they will pray for good weather during the Thanksgiving craziness.

Travel scams: Have you heard the one about the contortionist thief who squashes himself into a suitcase? No? Better read Rick Seaney’s latest column for ABCNews (in fact, see all his columns here).

Holiday video: Delta steps up with a surprisingly witty in-flight holiday safety video. Among its charms is a plane with a “No Regifting” sign, a cameo by Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek, a glimpse of reindeer legs and a pilot getting photo bombed by the Abominable Snowman. See below.

We love dogs: But the owner of a greyhound named Sedona claims at least one airline doesn’t and “nearly killed her dog.” It’s rare but animals can and do die during transport (which is why this dog owner always leaves her mutt at home).

VIDEO: Got to hand it to Delta, this demo video has some nice touches.


Published: November 25, 2013