Not Your Average Travel Stories (and Video): Week of Jan. 27

This week: India, the TSA, and – what’s that game again? Oh yeah, the Super Bowl. Plus, video!

Oh, India: The FAA says, “India has been assigned a Category 2 rating under [the] International Aviation Safety Assessment program,” which means the nation’s airlines can still fly to the U.S. but they can’t expand service. And the FAA will be working with them to improve matters.

More flights out of Reagan: The conveniently located Washington, D.C. airport will get beefed up service courtesy of JetBlue and Southwest which successfully bid on slots that American had to give up as a result of that Justice Department settlement. Bottom line: More flights.

No guns for the TSA: Airport security chief rejects arming its officers. You will recall that TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez was gunned down at LAX Nov. 1. Meanwhile, his children were recently presented with two $30,000 scholarships from the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation which helps children of military and law enforcement who die in the line of duty.

No air horns: Sorry, but if you bring one of those incredibly loud, incredibly obnoxious portable horns on your flight to the Super Bowl, the TSA will take it away from you. The rest of us will be doing the wave.

Plane groper sentenced: A man convicted of molesting a sleeping passenger on a United flight from Phoenix to Newark back in 2012 has just been sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Super Bowl Broncos plane: Denver players arrived in the frigid Northeast on a United charter but if you think it was all lobster and truffles and steak, think again. The menu: Cheeseburgers, chicken fajita wrap, Southwestern chicken salad. Wonder how many salads were eaten? Meanwhile, video of Peyton Manning below (after the other guy’s).

Paycheck for American’s new CEO: Doug Parker will make $700,000 which he says is about half what the top guys at Delta and United make and that’s because AA’s “union employees are paid less than their counterparts”. Of course Parker will also get bonuses and stock awards as part of his compensation that could be worth millions.

Southwest goes international: For the first time, the bags-fly-free airline leaves the U.S. and heads to the Caribbean or they will, starting in July.

The other Super Bowl QB: Guess who’s the new “CFO” at Alaska Airlines. Give up? See the video below.

This is why you should fly: The headline tells all – “300 Passengers Get Sick on Caribbean Cruise” – I mean, do you want to spend the entire trip hanging over a railing?

Oh, dear: Flight of doves at the Vatican was almost fatally interrupted by a crow and a sea gull. Fortunately, the doves escaped.

VIDEO: Alaska Airlines has fun with Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

VIDEO: Bronco QB Peyton Manning’s amusing ad for MasterCard.


Published: January 27, 2014