Not Your Average Travel Stories (and Video): Week of Jan. 20

This week: Football star gets apology and you get a sensational Super Bowl Guide. Plus great video.

Quarterback gets apology: Remember how Jets QB Geno Smith was kicked off a Virgin America flight? [See below] Virgin America is now it was a misunderstanding – sorry! – and he’s welcome him back anytime. As for Mr. Smith, he looks “forward to flying their airline again soon.” Don’t you just love happy endings?

Harmless haggis held: Ian Blake was traveling from Inverness when stopped by Birmingham airport security on suspicion of concealing explosives. Turns out he was only harboring a haggis (a food product that, arguably, only a Scot could love). Best part, according to the media report: “[Security] failed to notice was that Mr Blake, a keen kilt-wearer, was also carrying a sgian dubh, the knife worn as part of the traditional Highland dress.”

Delta breaks lute (allegedly): A musician is irate over damage to his $10,000 lute and blames the airline. Maybe he should compose a song about this; hey, it worked for the United Breaks Guitars guys.

Super Bowl flights: Two airlines are adding more flights from Denver and Seattle. Maybe they should also consider more trips to Vegas.

Super Bowl food: While flying to the big game, consider this – the unimpeachable Wikipedia actually has an entry titled “Cuisine of New Jersey” which includes a signature dish known as the Danger Dog (a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped frankfurter). And we say, Yes.

Oscar, Oscar: The Hollywood awards season gives a big boost to LA’s economy. People flock to Tinsel Town during this period because – well, not sure. It’s not like there’s going to get into any of these events but maybe proximity to movie stars is good enough.

You won’t recognize LaGuardia: Not after it’s had its $3 billion dollar makeover, or so you’d think but some aren’t holding their breath. The airport’s been undergoing a makeover since the 1990s and still looks like [fill in the blank].

Quarterback phone fun: Virgin America reportedly ousted Jets quarterback Geno Smith from a plane after he supposedly refused to get off his cell phone (he denies this). Perhaps he was calling to congratulate the Seahawks and the Broncos!

Southwest’s wrong landing: The pilots who landed at the wrong Branson airport have explained what happened – they were confused by the lights. Well, now we know. Next!

Pot disposal boxes: You can buy it and you can smoke it but you cannot bring marijuana through Colorado airports so at least one of them has installed “pot disposal boxes” for forgetful flyers but as the LA Times notes, “Sorry, but the airport is not taking job applications for pot container attendants.”

Oscar screams: A woman aboard an unidentified flight to Salt Lake frightened fellow passengers by screaming after learning she’d been nominated for two Oscars (for two documentaries). Very nice but what are you going to wear?

Hobbit heaven: Those scamps at Air New Zealand should win an Oscar for their safety demo videos and you can see a fine example below. Not a movie fan? Doesn’t matter, you’ll like this.

VIDEO: Air New Zealand sometimes caters to some very strange passengers. And crew.


Published: January 20, 2014