Not Your Average Travel Stories (And Video): Week of Feb. 24

This week: Good, bad, ugly – plus perks and pork. We’ve got it all including lovely video.

Bad passenger (allegedly): FBI agents greeted a Philippine Airlines flight when it arrived at LAX Sunday after a passenger allegedly punched a flight attendant – twice. He was then tackled by five other passengers. Witnesses say the 53 year old man appeared to have had more than his share of alcohol.

His own private 747: Anthony Toth has been busy. The Pan Am aircraft cabin he began assembling in his garage is now in a warehouse because it’s grown to 60 feet long. So far this little hobby has cost him, oh, about $100K.

Two big airline changes: 1.) American drops its bereavement fares – but you can see why that’s not such a big deal here. 2.) Delta makes its miles program more business traveler-friendly and a lot less fun for leisure flyers – and you can learn more here.

Delicious airline perk: Fly a certain German discount carrier to Berlin on March 7-14 and you get free curried sausage, a tasty delight is known as currywurst. If I had an assistant named Daniel, this is where I’d say, “Tickets on Airberlin? Book ’em, Danno.”

American satire: The Onion reports “American Airlines to Phase Out Complimentary Pressurization” and yes, this is a satirical story.

Feeding frenzy: A woman asked about Delta’s breastfeeding policy (she planned to fly with her 10 week old infant). Delta told her – wrongly – that she’d need a ‘cover’ of some kind. Twitter flames ensued and Delta eventually backed down and apologized.

Use those miles: The LA Times’ Catherine Hamm has a fascinating story on the need to use your miles now because devaluation is just around the corner.

Call the cops: Passengers stranded for hours on a Ryanair plane at London’s Standsted Airport with no food or water (the airline disputes the water part) were not allowed to leave. So they called the cops – and the police freed them.

Name the airline: A brand new carrier for India – a joint venture of Tata Sons Ltd and Singapore Airlines – is looking for a catchy and “fresh” name. There’s always Flyapalooza – but perhaps you have a better idea?

Another amusing safety video: They must really think we’re not paying attention. Here’s yet another fun safety video – this time, from Virgin Atlantic.

VIDEO: How many of the classic movies spoofed in this safety demo can you name?


Published: February 24, 2014