Not Your Average Travel Stories (And Video): Week of Feb. 17

This week: DON’T be a groping lout. DO see the fun video below.

Hitting on the flight attendant: According to a recent survey, 27 percent of responding flight attendants said they’d been sexually harassed – mostly by passengers – who sometimes engaged in “patting, touching, kissing or pinching.” Unanswered question: How many of these louts got tossed off the plane? [And was the plane in mid-air at the time?]

Shoe bomb threat: The U.S. is reportedly warning airlines about the possibility of another shoe bomber, and some travelers may see footwear getting greater scrutiny. Note: This alert involves inbound flights to the U.S. only.

Arson suspected on plane: Etihad Airways had to make an emergency landing on a flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi because a passenger on board allegedly tried to set a fire (or two) in the plane’s lavatory.

Strange and unusual rules: 6 airline regulations you never heard of, but better find out about especially if you’re considering flying naked.

More turbulence: Two horrifying turbulence incidents this week, on a Cathay Pacific flight over Japan and a United flight over the Rockies. Injuries were reported in both. Turbulence can come out of nowhere so if you’re seated, have your belt buckled and don’t get up unless you have to.

And the new airport slogan is: “LAX is happening” – at least, that’s what one report says will be the official slogan of Los Angeles International. And this idea may have cost a million bucks. Question: Have these marketing experts ever been to LAX?

Cell phones on planes, oh my: The flight attendants union has out against cell phones calls on planes. What do you think: Are they trying to spoil our fun or trying to stop fights?

Pilot hijacks plane: Usually it’s a passenger but this time the co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane bound for Rome diverted to Switzerland instead; the man was seeking political asylum. Made a mess at the Geneva airport for a time but all is back to normal now. The Swiss, however, may press charges against the co-pilot – for hijacking, of course.

Passenger booted: A man one report described as “drunk and violent” prompted American Airlines to make an emergency landing during its Chicago-London flight to dump the 35-year-old passenger in Gander, Newfoundland. Authorities took him into custody.

Another great airline video: This was a recent marketing effort by Turkish Airlines and even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ll like it. Where else can you see a lion licking a basketball icon’s face?

VIDEO: Turkish Airlines ad features U.S. basketball star Kobe Bryant and Argentine footballer Lionel Messi in an amusing selfie-shootout.


Published: February 17, 2014