Not Your Average Travel Stories (and Video): Week of Dec. 2

This week: Fun for all thanks to basketball bumping, Mickey Mouse, bad airlines and bad passengers. See the worst one on the video below.

War Down Under: The WSJ reports that Qantas has been engaged in a price war with rival Virgin Australia which is good news for passengers but not so good for Qantas. The airline forecasts deep spending cuts which includes 1,000 employee layoffs.

Passenger shaming: It’s like Dog Shaming only much, much worse. For example, dogs don’t put their feet up by your head – not on airplanes, anyway.

No bail for shooter: The 23 year old man accused of killing the only TSA agent to die in the line of duty spoke in a hoarse voice as he indicated he understood the charges, then it was back to jail. No plea yet. No known motive, either – he supposedly did not like the TSA but no one seems to know why.

Delete the elite: Northwest Airlines dropped a man from its frequent flyer program back in 2008 – despite his amassing a gazillion miles – apparently because he complained too much. He sued and now it’s before the U.S. Supreme Court. Sadly, those wheels of justice do turn slowly; our hero’s airline went out of business 5 years ago.

Why Orlando? Our press release of the day lists 10 reasons to visit this Florida city, but we could only come up with three – Mickey, Mickey, Mickey. Alright, Harry Potter, too.

Airlines sound fee alarm: Yes, they’re all upset over the possibility of a hike in the government’s $2.50 passenger security fee. Funny, you don’t hear about ‘alarms’ when their own fees go up. In other news, Southwest’s pet fee jumps 20 bucks in January.

Tuberculosis scare: Passengers aboard Sunday’s US Airways flight 2846 from Austin to Phoenix have reportedly been told to get tested for TB. One of their fellow travelers is thought to be infected (but that’s not yet confirmed). UPDATE: The allegedly sick passenger tested negative for the disease.

Basketball bump: Did Delta bump a planeload of passengers so the University of Florida Gators could get to a game? If so, karma may have been at work as the Gainesville men’s basketball team lost to the University of Connecticut Huskies. UPDATE: Delta told a Gators blogger that they thought they’d be able to accommodate both planeloads of passengers since the unanticipated maintenance work required for one plane was “expected to be done quickly” but it didn’t work out that way and the flight was canceled.  Delta also said, the team had nothing to do with the decision.

Good Morning, O’Hare: Air Chicago is now playing tunes for all of you stuck in Chicago’s airports (including Midway). Sorry, no music to twerk to, just jazz, passenger updates and plenty of ads.

Southwest kicks off woman and service dog: Schuyler McGraw, who says she suffers from PTSD and more was kicked off a Southwest flight in Oakland along with her emotional support dog, a Staffordshire terrier. McGraw, clad in a T-shirt adorned with a medical marijuana logo, said she knew what the flight attendant was thinking: “That is a stoner with a pit bull.” Southwest later reversed itself but McGraw said by then she was too upset to travel.

Chasing the dragon: Air New Zealand has a very cool dragon on its plane in honor of the latest Hobbit movie. Reminds us of the ‘big foot’ that adorns Yeti Airlines. Get it – Big Foot?

Worst lady on the plane: You’ve sat next to her. Now hear her talk about what makes her so awful in the SNL video below:

VIDEO: Worst lady on the plane.


Published: December 2, 2013