Not Your Average Travel Stories (and Video): First Week of 2014

Welcome to the New Year – off to an awesome start thanks to penguin video!

Now for some fun: As a public service, FareCompare has uncovered the best-of-the-best air travel videos (don’t worry, they’re short) and we present them in all their weirdness for your perusal. Reviews and color commentary included.

Hot suitcase: Guards at Kiev’s airport got a little excited when a Japanese man’s bag was flagged as radioactive. Turns out he had some soil samples from the area where the nuclear power plant began leaking after the 2011 earthquake/tsunami; it was being transported to a university for study. And all you worried about were bag fees.

Tarmac tourists: What is it with people roaming runways? Manila is the latest airport to have a trespasser when a “deranged” man scaled a security fence there for no discernible reason. There were two incidents on Dec. 26: A transient in Phoenix slapped a Southwest plane as it was heading to the gate (his way of saying, “Atta boy”?) while a fellow in Newark raised the bar by wandering the tarmac while dressed in women’s clothing (no, no one seems to know why).

Passenger delays: If you think being stuck on a plane for a few hours is a very big deal, how about those scientists stuck on a ship in Antarctica – in the ice – for ten days?? All have now been rescued thanks to an Aussie icebreaker and we like to think there was a delayed New Year’s celebration featuring lots of Victoria Bitter. Oh, and do check out the penguin video below.

And speaking of intoxicating celebrations: We know that Denver has been a very hot destination but with the start of the New Year, will airlines be adding even more flights to the Mile High City?

Mouthy passenger in Maine: A cop at Bangor International told a 54 year old woman she had to “stop swearing and calm down as she was making other passengers uncomfortable [but] she continued using profanity.” Big mistake. Instead of boarding her Allegiant flight she was taken away to jail.

VIDEO: You could watch the BBC video of those intrepid Antarctica explorers being rescued but c’mon – wouldn’t you rather see Antarctic penguins? [Thanks, National Geographic!]


Published: January 2, 2014