Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of Oct. 15

Air Canada heroes: Jetliner over Pacific gets a distress call about a missing yacht; crew borrows passenger’s binoculars and finds this needle-in-a-haystack. Rescue ensues.

Twilight zone: Remember the gremlin on the wing? A Delta passenger thought he saw fire on a wing so he tried to open the plane’s door to escape (what?) but there was no fire – the man later told cops he’d been “drunk for 50 days.” In case you’re wondering, airplane doors do not open in flight.

Banned Booty: No, this isn’t about that reality star with the big – uh – suitcase. It’s about an art exhibit featuring items banned by the TSA.

Bad joke: Anchorage’s airport was evacuated Sunday after man’s lame attempt at humor about bomb in bag. Fellow travelers were not amused as they huddled outside in freezing temperatures for hours.

Spirit gets political again: New Spirit post-debate ad says, “We’ve got TONS OF BINDERS full of sales. Women will love them!” Sorry Mitt, but goodness knows they’ve slammed Dems, too.

Make some magic: FareCompare’s Rick Seaney provides four “magical dates” for flying this year and next. Shameless plug for the story? Absolutely – but it is totally worth reading.


Published: October 19, 2012