Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of Oct. 1

Turkey of the year: Starting Nov. 6, Spirit hikes the cost of its carry-on bag fee – paid at the gate – to $100. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Carry-on bag fee: Latest to charge for onboard luggage is Europe’s low cost carrier Wizz Air which is also our nominee for best airline name ever.

Vodka eye-opener: Early morning Dulles traveler is told she can’t take her Smirnoff bottle through security – so, she chugs it at checkpoint. A fellow passenger is kind enough to share the incident.

Hoping for a speedy recovery Pt. I: American Airlines flight to Dallas made an emergency landing in St. Louis after the plane’s first officer fell ill.

Hoping for a speedy recovery Pt. II: Loose seats on American planes slide all over the place. Passengers are not amused.

Leno on loose seats: Said the late night comic, “Have you heard American’s new slogan? Contents of plane may shift during the flight.”

At least PETA loves American: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals lauds the airline for dropping foie gras from its menu. AA to PETA: We didn’t do it for you. Did you do it for the geese?

Orioles emergency landing: Baltimore had no trouble clinching a World Series playoff berth but they did have difficulty with a chartered plane: a small fire in the onboard oven. Hope it wasn’t from too many turnovers! Wait – wrong sport.

Pilot death mystery: Body of Alaska Airlines pilot found by an off-ramp of LA’s 5 freeway. No obvious signs of injury, foul play. Detectives are investigating.

TSA thefts: Former TSA officer Pythias Brown said it was “so easy” to steal at Newark that he took $800K worth of stuff. By the way, in Greek mythology, Pythias is a symbol of loyalty.


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Published: October 5, 2012