Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of Nov. 5

Drunk on a plane (maybe): El Paso TV reporter flying from Dallas on American was allegedly intoxicated, belligerent and “a danger to himself or others.” He was taken away in handcuffs but not charged. Note to self: review ‘5 Dos and Don’ts of Drinking on a Plane’.

Don’t be fooled: There are fake accounts on Instagram offering free flights on American, Delta and JetBlue. This is a scam – and don’t be fooled by fake emails, either.

This Bud’s for you: Actor Denzel Washington plays an alcoholic pilot in the new movie “Flight” who guzzles lots of Anheuser-Busch, and the beer guys are not happy. Say, did those screenwriters read our Dos and Don’ts of Drinking on a Plane?

Great airport except for one tiny little detail: A small Alaska island village needed a new airport, so they built one for $75 million. Only one problem: airport has no airline service.

Passenger air rage: Man on Indian airline slaps flight attendant in mid-air, gets one day in jail. Hmm – does that seem like enough punishment to you?

Pilot road rage: Omni Air charter pilot allegedly hijacks woman’s car at Seattle airport, is arrested for car theft and DUI. Not sure any of those Dos and Don’ts of Drinking would help in this case.



Published: November 9, 2012