Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of May 7

Hero pilot dies: In 1989, United’s Denny Fitch helped make a near-impossible landing in a cornfield near Sioux City. Half the passengers survived, but it was the dead he remembered: “I would have given my life for any of them.” We’ll remember you, too.

Southwest threats: Two Southwest planes heading to Phoenix on Tuesday were evacuated due to unspecified threats. Nothing was found – authorities unclear if incidents are linked.

Don’t blame the TSA for this one: 4-year old is pulled off plane because she was on the No Fly list. Only, she wasn’t. JetBlue says, oops, computer glitch.

Make my day, Mickey: TSA finds disassembled gun parts in child’s stuffed animals (one of which was Mickey Mouse). Not exactly a day at Disneyland.

Bad passengers: For the week ending May 3, TSA officers confiscated 23 guns at security, but it’s okay  – only 22 were loaded.

Too-fat-to-fly: Are customers of size in more danger during a crash? Maybe. Meanwhile one allegedly sizeable customer is suing Southwest.

No love from American: The Los Angeles Times reports on folks who bought AA’s all-you-can-fly passes. Now the airline is desperate to dump them. Do such deals still exist?

Jon Stewart v. Delta: Comedian’s reproduction skit sparks outrage prompting airline to pulls its ads.

Chemical reactions: Flight attendants for Alaska Airlines claim their new uniforms are making them ill – including itching and hair loss.

Ask the captain: Ever been on a flight where the landing gear came down while you were flying? There’s a good explanation for that.


Published: May 11, 2012