Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of May 14

Henry the K and the TSA: One-time Sec. of State got a pat-down and media goes bonkers. Not Kissinger; he praised the agents” professionalism.

Guns at security: TSA finds 30 more guns in airports – 29 of them were loaded.

Tell us, Capt. John: Are regional airlines as safe as flying the big boys? Basically yes, but notice how the pilot answers this one very carefully.

Heidi Klum loses it: Great headline – “Only Heidi Klum looks like this after losing her luggage”. How’d she look? Like a beautiful supermodel.

Uh-oh, United: Remember ‘United breaks guitars’ guy? He’s got a book coming out – about “how one man took on an implacable system and won.”

Happiest seaside town: Won’t keep you in suspense, it’s supposedly Kiawah Island, S.C. but one-third of the list is in California – as is the rudest city.

Thor angry: Huge headline, “New French President’s plane hit by lightning” – then, in smaller letters, “none hurt”. Don’t worry about lightning strikes (or even most bird strikes).

Happy Anniversary: Flight attendants honor Ellen Church, who started the profession back in 1930 and retired (as required) at age 32. Just a kid compared to today’s flight attendants.


Published: May 18, 2012