Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of March 12

This’ll make Blogger Bob happy: TSA saves lives – well, one life, anyway. Really.

Vote for the Pig: Frontier wants you to choose its new tail animal. My Super PAC endorses the cute pink pig.

Oops: Delta jet rolls off Atlanta taxiway and onto embankment during maintenance test causing “significant damage.” Grade: F.

I’ll get back to you on that: The CEO of AMR – the parent company that own American Airlines – said they would be open to American merging with another airline. Just, you know, not right now.

Talk about job security: The FAA extends its nonpunitive reporting system from air traffic controllers to include employees who maintain radar installations and other systems.

Transgender flight attendants: Thai airline hires handful of “transsexuals” and execs make the most of it, publicity-wise. The carrier? PC Air.

It’s aging gracefully: The Washington Monument has sunk nearly 2 inches since it was completed in 1884. Call me optimistic, but that’s really not all that bad, right?

Rock out in the terminal: Airports are using local artists and music playlists to sell their city, keep travelers entertained – but can they compete with the airport that brought you the Turntable Master?

Brides to be … flying: Traveling a wedding dress? TSA will screen it, but they promise not to get it dirty.

This is REALLY cool: NASA invents glasses that let pilots see through clouds and fog. And you thought they were done after Teflon.

Best/Worst airline: Which airline had the best and worst record for canceled flights in January? Well, gosh, one was Alaska and one was Hawaiian – you guess which was which.


Published: March 16, 2012