Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of April 9

Safe and sound: A United flight blew two rear tires after touching down at Reagan National Airport. No injuries.

Naked in the airport: Now that we have your attention, Denver woman told to stop smoking in airport complies then takes off all her clothes. Prepping for a TSA strip search?

Fine and not-so-dandy: A quadriplegic got no help from Frontier despite notifying them (as required) about his limitations, so the airline was fined $50K.

Charges filed: The JetBlue pilot who had a midair meltdown has been formally charged with interference of a flight crew.

Sign of the day: Recent update on Virgin America gate monitor at SFO: “Today’s pilots and flight attendants are sane and hot.” On some airlines, this is not always true.

April 15 approaches: Make sure you pay your taxes, or you may not be able to fly internationally.

How about a nice cup of coffee, too? Sen. Harry Reid wants TSA to improve by smiling and saying hello. And all you wanted was an end to strip searches.

Politico v. TSA: Alaska state lawmaker who hates airport security and avoids flying will run for Congress to battle TSA. That’s going to be one looong drive from Juneau to D.C.

7 Ways to Screw Up Your Summer Travel: See the do’s and don’ts – then prepare to be shocked as Rick Seaney calls his editor a ‘Luddite‘.

Forgotten friends: Did you know there were 12 dogs on the Titanic? I did, only ’cause I’m a gigantic Titanic nerd.

Speaking of Titanic: This is hauntingly beautiful.

This is so wrong: Three candidates left in Frontier’s spokesanimal contest: Chloe the Chipmunk, Enrique the Tree Frog and Polly the Parrot. Cannot believe the pig lost.

Animal update: Larry the Lynx stumbles as debate host, fails to quiz candidates on Frontier cookie crisis.



Published: April 13, 2012