Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of April 30

Plane crash! Discovery Channel crashes large jet in Mexico desert  for purposes of scientific inquiry. Pilot ejects safely, but crash test dummies said to be quite shaken up.

Boom! Woman fails to make it through Newark security with Claymore mines in luggage.

Angry Birds, Angry FAA: Man captures bird strike on Delta flight with iPad, gets letter saying his failure to turn off electronic device “could have affected the safe outcome of the flight.” Hope birds got letter, too.

That’s the Spirit – Part II: Remember the dying vet who asked Spirit for a ticket refund because he won’t be around to use it? Spirit is taking a beating publicity-wise, but they still say no refund. UPDATE May 4: Spirit caves, agrees to refund plus $5K charitable donation.

Not your average airport: China’s Dalian International recently recruited cheerleaders to perform kicks, jumps and splits. Per the local paper, “pom-pom routines soothed emotion and alleviated fatigue” for 5,000 stranded flyers.

I’ll have a Bourbon & Branson, please: First class Virgin flyers will soon get drinks with ice cubes featuring Sir Richard Branson’s smiling face. And speaking of ice …

Frozen cows: Icy bovines have been found near Aspen’s popular Conundrum Hot Springs. Health hazard? Possibly. Tourism lure? Unlikely.

Bad Moon Rising: Actually, it’s a good one – a big one – a SUPER moon. So if you’re flying Saturday night, be sure to look out the window.


Published: May 4, 2012