Not Your Average Air Travel Story: Week of April 16

This person got some looks: A Delta flight from Istanbul to New York made an unscheduled landing in Dublin on Monday when a cell phone was found charging in lavatory. The phone was eventually claimed and the plane continued to New York.

Playing it safe: A flight from New York to Los Angeles returned to JFK just 10 minutes after takeoff because of a bird strike to an engine.

When you’ve gotta go: Enraged man on US Airways flight didn’t want to wait for drink cart to pass to get to lavatory, so he allegedly shoved it into flight attendant prompting passengers to pile on.

Mistaken identity: Air Canada pilot thought he was facing a midair collision with another aircraft and nose-dived, injuring 16. The other “plane” turned out to be the planet Venus.

The B— in Apt. 23: Krysten Ritter gets reamed by United flight attendant – but later gets an apology.

Just like us: Even celebrities have to go through airport security. And even celebrities like to complain about it.

Airport nudity: Man strips naked to protest TSA harassment giving fellow Portland passengers a good laugh (and excellent photo op). This is getting to be a trend.

Drag Queen Q&A: “Can I go through the TSA line with detachable silicone enhancements in my carry-on?” “Uh, no.” It’s a gel, silly.

Wonder if he got a reward: A TSA agent at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport reunited a passenger with an envelope … with $9,500 in it.

Saw that coming: The JetBlue pilot who had that breakdown a couple weeks ago is pleading the insanity defense.

Scandal: As if the Secret Service didn’t have enough trouble, Spirit site features agent touting new sale specifying “upfront payment required.”

Tweet @ me: Delta Air Lines has the fastest response time of 11 minutes on Twitter. The slowest? US Airways, with 7 hours, 14 minutes.

The birds: Hitchcock would have loved this latest bird-strike video. Capt. Sully, maybe not so much.

And the winner is: Polly the Parrot is new Frontier spokesanimal in a squeaker over the chipmunk.

Big squeeeeze: April 16 cover of New Yorker magazine, guy shoves a car in overhead bin (see actual paper edition – yes, we’ve already established that I am a Luddite).


Published: April 20, 2012