Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Sept. 24

Unhappy campers: American pilots vs. management could throw holidays in chaos. Should you be scared? See what an anonymous pilot says about that.

Unruly flyer arrested: Webster defines unruly as “not readily ruled or disciplined.” Might want to come up with something stronger for the United passenger who allegedly screamed, “I will murder all of you!”

Naked lady: Woman turns heads at Orlando’s airport because she is not wearing any clothes. No evidence whatsoever she’d been sampling the new drinks at Fantasyland.

Flight attendant rage: A United plane was delayed after a crew members’ spat. Last week, same thing took place on American. Friendly skies turn angry.

Beverage lawsuit: Southwest passenger spills hot tea. It hurts. She sues.

Gun trouble: Republic flight attendant arrested for packing heat at Philly’s airport. Gun fires as cop examines it but no one is hurt. Why was she carrying? All together now: “I forgot I had it.”

iPad trouble: Flight attendant for Horizon arrested when passenger’s lost iPad is found in her home. He tracked it down via the ‘Find My iPad’ app. Unknown if flight attendant now using the ‘Find an Attorney’ app.

Croc on the loose: Crocodile escapes his cargo container on a Qantas plane. In other news, Samuel L. Jackson begs us to remember that the statute of limitation for snakes/planes jokes has passed.

You’re kidding, right? Commenter on Flyertalk site names a well-known hotel chain he’s unhappy with. It seems when his toilet was clogged, management told him to come down, get a plunger and fix it himself.


Published: September 28, 2012