Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Sept. 17

The late American Airlines: Tons of delays and cancelations this past week. Not good.

Goodbye, Endeavor: Space shuttle makes its farewell tour, flying low over California on Friday, Sept. 21 – did you see it?

Snow in September: Suitcase filled with cocaine is intercepted at Guyana’s airport Saturday – but hey, it’s not like they found the hair brush from hell.

Bring your own cushion: New airplane seat is skinny, unpadded and non-reclining but it does slide inward to widen aisle for boarding. Says designer, “I’m not going to tell you it’s comfortable.” Translation: it ain’t no $14,000 first class seat.

Stowaway cat: Bob-Bob the cat is back safe in Ohio after his grand adventure – he snuck into his owner’s suitcase and flew to Disney World undetected. Maybe Bob-Bob just wanted a Mickey-Mickey Martini.

Dirtiest cities: New York doesn’t care about topping the list of dirtiest U.S. cities because it has no self-esteem issues whatsoever. LA was too busy playing beach volleyball to notice its #4 ranking but Chicago’s nose is definitely out of joint for failing to make the top ten.

Shiver me timbers: Sept. 19 was Talk Like a Pirate Day. Let us hope your pilot did not insist on being called Capt. Morgan.


Published: September 21, 2012