Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Sept. 10

Booze hounds: Catering employees at JFK are accused of stealing liquor after investigation dubbed “Operation Last Call”. At one suspect’s home, officials recovered 50,000 mini-bottles. That could’ve served a lot of drunken passengers.

She knows how to party: A woman on an Emirates flight got drunk before the flight, continued to drink on the plane, stole food from other passengers then demanded music be played over the plane’s speakers. Quite the trip.

Worst seatmate: Per CNN, “Flier viewed porn, fondled self”. Suppose we should be grateful he didn’t fondle anyone else. The festivities took place on Southwest and yes he was arrested.

And speaking of extra-curricular air travel activity: A man was detained at the New Delhi airport Sunday because he had a primate in his pants.

And speaking of primates in pants – goats on grass: No, it’s not what you think; O’Hare officials are seeking goats to trim the lawns around the airport.

Don’t cop an attitude, I guess: A woman claims a TSA agent didn’t let her board her flight because the agent didn’t like the passenger’s attitude. She has video to back up her claim as well.

Rogue flight attendant: American settled its claim against Gailen David after accusing him of posting confidential company info; David’s blog alleged AA bigwigs bumped first class passengers.

Airport security ads: Atlanta-Hartsfield is all agog over ads in those security bins for your shoes, but we reported on this back in 2008 (it was so long ago, we had to explain what advertiser Zappos actually sold).

Oh, politics: Watch two small-body airplanes lock together – on accident – for a couple seconds before breaking free. No injuries were reported, but this could have been a lot worse.

Ask the captain: Why do we sometimes wait for a gate to clear after the plane lands?

No sweatpants: I hope I’m not the only one who somewhat dresses up when I take a flight.

It’s not safe outside anymore: First hantavirus in Yosemite killed three people. Then a bison charged a child in Yellowstone. To be fair, the bison was exhibiting warning signs including one that could be interpreted as, “Why are you letting your kids get this close to me, you horrible parents?”

Good news, Mom and Dad: You can soon buy alcohol at Disney World (in Fantasyland, of course).


Published: September 14, 2012