Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Oct. 8

Bird in engine: An American Airlines flight from Chicago to Miami “took a bird strike” but landed safely. Unknown if bird did as well but the worst is feared.

All he needs now is a cookbook: Man flies to LA from Japan with a fun-pack of grenades, hatchets, handcuffs, duct tape, body bags – plus oven mitts and cooking utensils. He was arrested but offered no explanation beyond a single, cryptic comment: “Hey, this is a game.”

You’re doing it wrong: That’s what a new report says about TSA pat-downs in Newark – people there only got a “proper pat-down” a mere 16 percent of the time. Hate to think what improper one is like.

Qantas fined: The DOT says the kangaroo-emblazoned airline did not disclose all its baggage fees. Please pull $100K out of your pouch.

A little sanity: Read pilot Patrick Smith’s take on American Airlines haters. Maybe it won’t change your mind. Maybe it will.

Wheelchair fakers: People fake disabilities so they can breeze through airport security in wheelchairs. Bad karma alert.

Yak yak yak: Emirates is the latest airline to allow cell phones in flight. That’s the sound of millions of teens pausing in mid-text to rejoice.

Who wants to be a flight attendant? Someone does, since Heather Poole discusses difficult interview questions. Years ago the job was fun but today? Tell us – do you want to be a flight attendant and why?


Published: October 12, 2012