Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Oct. 29

Hurricane change fees: Not too late to make free changes for Sandy-trashed flight itineraries, but that won’t be necessary for the dog who would not fly.

Kicked off plane: Ryanair called the cops on a passenger for breaking its ‘one item only’ carry-on rule; she was led off the plane in tears. Will she get an apology? Hahahahaha.

Magic Johnson suit: Ex-flight attendant sues basketball legend for wrongful dismissal. Per the legal papers, her private jet duties included prepping Red Vines licorice which she had to “regularly squeeze to make sure they were soft.”

Snakes on a plane, indeed: A flight from Cancun to Glasgow had an extra passenger aboard, when the cabin crew found an 18-inch snake under a row of seats.

Steer clear: An undetonated bomb likely from World War II was found within a mile of the runways from Japan’s Sendai airport, forcing the airport to shutter service for a day. Apparently, finding “dud shells” is common in Japan.

Seth Meyers said it best: “A plan has been proposed for a new bridge across the Seine River in Paris that would be made out of trampolines. And the only way that could go wrong is immediately.”

Well, it’s about time: The world’s “worst-rated airline” has joined the Internet. Finally, am I right?

It’s that time again: Let’s play “Ask the Captain!”


Published: November 2, 2012