Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Oct. 22

New fee: This week, European discount carrier Wizz Air began charging a carry-on bag fee. Its website says, “Our aim is to make flying affordable.” Just don’t bring any clothes.

What a shame: Singapore Airlines is dropping the world’s longest flight – Singapore to Newark – which is 8,300 nautical miles (and in case you’re ever quizzed on this, 1 nautical mile equals 1.1508 regular ones). A blow to people everywhere who like sitting on planes for 18-and-a-half hours.

Movie you won’t see on an airline: “Flight” opens Nov. 2 starring Denzel Washington as “an alcoholic and cocaine-addled pilot.” Rated R, partly due to all that carousing.

Sexy time: In a world where the phrase “sexual harassment” strikes fear in the hearts of execs everywhere, Ryanair’s CEO happily poses with sexy flight attendants to promote his airline’s calendar, though it is not believed this is why he’s sometimes called the Antichrist.

Sleeping on planes: Tips include napping with head on tray table. Beats napping with legs in air.

Headline of the day: Should Medicare be run like the airline industry?” Seniors flee in terror.


Published: October 26, 2012