Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Nov. 19

Puppies! Now that we have your attention, the TSA is shutting down its Texas breeding/training facility for bomb-sniffing dogs in a budget-cutting move. By the way, a big budget is helpful if flying with your pup.

Threat against Spirit: Man detained at LaGuardia for allegedly making a threat as his Spirit flight prepared for take-off. He was reportedly asked to turn off his phone – but didn’t.

Creepy TSA catch: Californian arrested at Oakland airport with wrist watch modified to allegedly create “improvised explosive device”. Suspect claimed watch was a work of “art”.

Airline food ugh: Airline food inspectors find roaches and rats but there have been  worse things found in airline meals.

Thankful for delicious snack cakes: Last week we told you about the demise of Twinkie, the iconic treat that once starred in a Southwest ad. Looks like we spoke too soon! UPDATE: Never mind.

Happy Thanksgiving: Safe travels, and may all your leftovers be contamination-free.


Published: November 23, 2012