Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of March 4

Spaghetti western week with the Good (United holds plane), the Bad (Harlem Shakes crazy video) and the Ugly (oh, that Freakjet photo!) See the excellent video at the end.

Bird vs. plane: Spirit flight suffers ‘bird strike’ prompting emergency landing in Ft. Lauderdale. No passengers were injured, but no word on the bird.

Dolphins have names! That’s what researchers think, and if you know any of these guys (they live in Sarasota Bay), you can greet them by name after finding a cheap flight to Tampa.

Kudos: Part-time worker at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson finds and turns in $7,000 in cash (which gets reunited with owner). Said the airport employee, “I believe in doing the right thing.”

Bring on machetes: Flight attendants aren’t crazy about lifting of the ban on small knives on planes but ex-TSA head Kip Hawley says it doesn’t go far enough: “Battle axes, machetes, bring anything you want that is pointy and sharp.”

Is Chicago big enough for both? American video touting its US Airways merger features hub cities like Chicago which is represented by the Willis Tower – home of rival, United.

Twitter rant: Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris was not happy with Delta and tweeted his displeasure most rudely. Perhaps an etiquette class is in order?

Cramer likes an airline stock: Unbelievable, but true. How come? Thanks to all the mergers, they no longer have to lower prices to compete. Ouch. [Editor’s note: you can still find deals on FareCompare. Seriously.]

Cure for jet lag! Well, maybe. Step into what looks like a shower stall lined with photon lights and you might just bring those “natural circadian rhythms” back to where they’re supposed to be. Sadly, this gizmo was designed as a travel show exhibit only.

Think of it as pizza delivery – just not as tasty: United expands home delivery service for your bags. For a fee, of course.

Good deed, indeed: Man says United held a flight for him – that he should have missed – because they knew he was on his way to see his dying mother. He made it, barely. Nice one, United.

Anything worse than bag fees? Sure – hotel fees. Guy is dinged $50 to get pants/shirt pressed, and don’t forget all those “resort” fees. Motel 6 suddenly looking very attractive.

In today’s multi-cultural news: Korean Air bids for Czech Airlines. Trying to imagine the new onboard cuisine.

No magic: David Copperfield’s illusionist skills were of no help when his private plane heading to NYC was forced to make emergency landing in Peoria, Ill.. Little known fact: Outgoing Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is from Peoria!

Harlem Shake update: Experts not happy about video of kids dancing in the aisle during Frontier flight. One worried about turbulence: “Your body [could] become some kind of missile.” Another worried that “a Harlem shake dance could be used by terrorists to divert a crew’s attention.” Uh, responses?

Hot plane: The air conditioning on a Qantas aircraft wasn’t working so well. Okay, not at all. Temps soared to 104 degrees. Good thing none of the passengers were reportedly suffering from “brutal body odor.”

Freakjet photo of the week: Please, please, please, let’s all wear pants that actually fit.

Alright everybody – let’s dance:


Published: March 4, 2013