Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of March 18

This week: Bad passengers, good pizza, so-so dog tourism.

No carry-on, board early: American says, if you don’t use overhead bin space, you can board your plane early – at least during its experiment at Baltimore, Dulles and Ft. Lauderdale. Which reminds me: Spirit Airlines CEO once stuffed himself into an overhead bin and we’ve got the video. (see below!)

Fake pilot: A French guy dons a pilot-type shirt then sits in the cockpit of a US Airways jet in Philly. He is discovered and arrested. Two questions: 1.) What the heck was he doing, and 2.) Was his name Leonardo DiCaprio?

TSA just can’t win: Allegation that a legless soldier was asked to remove his prosthetic legs is refuted by the TSA. How do they know? They looked at the video.

Headline of the day: Sober-minded, strait-laced CNN asks, “Do hot attendants put butts in seats?” Oh my.

Freakjet photo of the day: A presumably Irish lad takes the wearin’ o’ the green to new extremes.

$20 million dollar man: That’s what the American Airlines CEO is going to get when he steps down but the Justice Dept. thinks it’s too much. Maybe Tom Horton needs a $20M mansion like Patriot’s QB Tom Brady – which has a moat.

Bad (allegedly) passenger update: Remember the aerospace exec who was accused of slapping a toddler? He was in court this week to enter a not guilty plea. Uh, child-free flights, anyone?

Bad (absolutely) passengers: Qantas cracks down on unruly/drunken passengers who delay flights or cause diversions. The airline is seeking more than $18K and $120K from two such passengers alone. In other words, don’t do what these guys did.

Pizza party: Hungry Delta passengers were stuck on the tarmac in Knoxville for three hours, then – Pizza Hut to the rescue! Several pies were delivered via police car. Credit goes to the very nice pilot.

Ruff flight: United sends dog to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day! Problem is, Hendrix was supposed to go to Arizona. Maybe they were thinking of Dublin’s Phoenix Park? Hope he at least got some Guinness in his water bowl.

VIDEO: Spirit CEO is stuffed into overhead bin.


Published: March 20, 2013