Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of March 11

Sad elephants, unhappy cheapskates and a very ugly photo. Lighten up, people – the Great American Pie Festival is coming!

Aww: Couple traveling to NYC to marry didn’t know they needed a witness and didn’t have one. JetBlue to the rescue: a very nice flight attendant not only stood up for them but bought the wedding cake, too.

Best hotel amenity: Good water pressure – at least according to this study. Huh.

Yay, Spirit: Loud-talking financial guy Cramer praises the airline’s profitability prowess – it’s made money every year since 2007. Will other carriers take the hint and also start charging for water?

Don’t make elephants cry: Thailand is telling tourists, don’t buy ivory – even if it’s just a ring or bracelet. Violate their Endangered Species regulations and you could be arrested.

Mmm, lemon meringue: Why are you sitting there? The Great American Pie Festival is April 26-28 but if you don’t figure out how to find a cheap flight to Orlando, you’re going to miss it.

Cheap spring break: New list of “affordable” Spring Break spots includes some that made FareCompare’s best Spring Break destinations but also includes Hawaii (?) and other pricy spots. Fails to mention my usual default position (“the back yard”).

Apple gets richer: Qantas starts handing out iPads on Sydney-Honolulu flights and the popular tablets are also replacing paper flight manuals at Frontier. Seems like iPads’ve been around forever, right? Try 3 years.

Beautiful pictures: Some seriously lovely images of passengers photographed through plane windows.

Headline of the day: “Why do airlines insist on selling non-refundable tickets?” Here’s what the article said, and here’s the real answer: because they can.

When planes collide: OK, collide might be a bit strong, but after an Air India flight landed at JFK it did bump a parked JetBlue plane. No one was hurt but the JetBlue can’t be happy – its A320 was damaged.

Quit whining, cheapskates: A media report says we don’t pay for premium service on airlines because we’re cheap, then we whine about crummy service. OK, we’ll stop. Ha!

Baby on board: Woman gives birth to healthy baby boy on South African Airways flight from Johannesburg to New York. The boy is named Mamel Joella. We were hoping for Jet.

Freakjet photo of the day: What is it with pants at half-mast? Don’t you know this can get you kicked off a plane?


Published: March 12, 2013