Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of June 4

Law & Order: Feds raid Puerto Rico’s Luis Munoz Marin airport to bust alleged cocaine smuggling ring. Arrests include a couple of American Airlines employees.

Triple Crown: Strict new security rules at a Belmont Park barn is “like getting on a commercial airline.” Does this mean I’ll Have Another gets a pat-down? UPDATE: I’ll Have Another is scratched from the Belmont, darn it!

Basketball: Having a Miami sports arena named for you is nice advertising, but could American Airlines’ bankruptcy woes be affecting the Heat? UPDATE: Too soon to tell; the series with Boston is currently tied 3-3. FINAL UPDATE: Miami keeps winning, crowned 2012 NBA Champs.

Learn Chinese: Forbes recommends this to employees of a certain Texas-based airline. Makes sense: Chinese hiring, American firing.

Airport iPads: Use an iPad for free at JFK, LaGuardia, Minneapolis and Toronto (but you can’t take them with you!) – sounds almost as good as an airport butterfly habitat.

Howdy, Dallas: A 5-acre billboard in a field near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport features the Ewing boys of the newly-revived Dallas TV show welcoming JetBlue to town. Enjoy that cheap flight, darlin’.

Destination of the Week: Miami, because tourism officials there have declared June Romance Month. Better than Sand in Bathing Suit Month.



Published: June 8, 2012