Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of June 3

This week: Last minute deals and drooling seatmates. Now chill out with a nice can of wine!

Airfare deals for THIS weekend: Yes, we have them (our Deals Blog has a ton of cool sales) but you better hurry.

Feel the squeeze: Stuck in the middle seat again? No surprise – airline cabins are more crowded than ever. Let’s just hope your seatmate doesn’t mistake your shoulder for a pillow and – worst case scenario – is a drooler.

Worst-idea-of-the-week: Spirit Airlines begins serving wine in cans – or as the AP‘s Scott Mayerowitz put it, the airline is “thinking outside the bottle.”

Knife ban continues: You know how the TSA was going to relax its ban against small knives on planes? Forget it. Too much opposition. But scissors, knitting needles, screw drivers – no problem!

Goodbye room service: NY’s Hilton Midtown is dropping room service. Look for sudden upsurge in late-night sales at McDonald’s Midtown.

Attn. foodies: Bloomberg reports food in economy class is improving, at least on some airlines – if you don’t mind paying extra. Air France offers foie gras terrine while “Austrian Airlines has Wiener schnitzel and sushi” (not on the same plate, we hope). Don’t like fancy stuff? Plenty of airlines still serve good old peanuts.

Boxers or briefs? United’s CEO vows better service for passengers this summer, saying, “We need to get you where you want to go, on time, with your underwear.” But please, keep those undies on.

PR release of the week: A company that shall be nameless touts a compact beauty kit for travelers because large ones “barley” fit into carry-ons. Luckily this kit includes “everything a women [sic] needs to look perfect as she’s strutting down the runway” including the solution to one travel horror: “Nobody wants to be labeled as having Hotel Hair.” [Editor’s note: yeah, yeah, I make typos, too]

Pie in the sky: Did you find a cheap flight to Orlando for the National Pie Championships? Then you missed tasting winners  like Raspberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese Pie or Chocolate Espresso Explosion Pie [Editor’s note: am making reservations for next year RIGHT NOW].

Dinner on the ceiling: A nasty patch of turbulence hit Singapore Airlines after the meals were served up and food wound up all over the plane, in the aisles and on the passengers. It could have been worse, though – a lot worse.

Kicked off a plane: AirTran kicked 101 yeshiva students off a plane Monday because they allegedly “would not remain seated and/or stop using their mobile devices”. The kids were referred to as ‘non-compliant’ travelers – hey, better than ‘unruly’.

Don’t spill the beans: Texas woman sues United, claiming she was burned by hot coffee during a 2011 flight. Sound familiar?

Hurricane season: It officially kicked off Saturday (June 1) and runs through November. If flying to Florida/Caribbean, you might consider travel insurance, but read the fine print carefully.

Travel screw-ups: Ever forget your ID or go to the wrong airport? That’s not smart but you’ll feel like a genius after reading 5 Common Travel Problems and How to Fix Them.

Nuts to you: USA Today lists the 10 Healthy Snacks you can buy at the airport like nuts, fruit and yogurt (gosh, who knew), which reminds us – are any airlines nut-free? Do not bet your life on it.


Updated: February 10, 2016