Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of June 25

Security lapse: TSA screens travelers at JFK with metal detector that is not plugged in. Number needing rescreening: hundreds. Delay time: hours. Red-face factor: priceless.

Rock-a-bye screeners: TSA fires eight Newark screeners for allegedly sleeping on the job and other no-no’s. All eight plan to appeal – despite the fact that there are photos.

Whoops. Man at Orlando airport: “Please be careful. These are my grandpa’s ashes.” Somebody wasn’t careful and man blames TSA for grandpa spillage. Security is investigating.

Murphy’s law: American Eagle flight delays. Delays make passengers grumble. Flight attendant yells at passengers. Cops called to remove flight attendant. Flight then canceled because – not enough flight attendants on plane. UPDATE 6-29-12: Some passengers now defend flight attendant.

Lights out: Chicago’s Midway Airport was shut down late Thursday night because the runway lights shut off.

Common sense 101: With the 4th of July coming up, the TSA would like to remind you to leave your fireworks at home.

In-cabin haircuts: A passenger on a United flight filed a complaint with the Department of Transportation after a maintenance worker got superglue in her hair. The passenger had to cut “large chunks” of her hair out.

Southern hospitality: Airbus – the European rival to Boeing – plans to open a plant in Alabama. The official announcement could come as soon as Monday.

Channel surfing in the sky: Willing to pay between $3 and $8 for live TV on a flight? Well then, Southwest might just be for you.

Wait. You mean they don’t do this already?: The Department of Transportation wants every instance of an injured, lost or dead pet on a plane reported.

Gwyneth’s flight tips: The goopster’s advice seems to conclude that first class is nicer than coach.


Published: June 29, 2012