Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of June 18

Scary ride: JetBlue flight out of Vegas Sunday night had mechanical problems causing jet to lurch from side-to-side; one passenger tweeted, “The plane turned into a vomitorium.” No injuries. Please, buckle up.

Kiosk calamity: If you tried to print out a Southwest boarding pass at an airport kiosk Tuesday, you know it didn’t work – but no one knows why. Mobile devices were not affected.

Man bites dog: Woman allegedly gropes TSA officer, gets arrested. Fun fact: the arrestee is herself a former security screener.

World’s best airport: That would be South Korea’s Incheon per SkyTrax’s top 100. The best U.S. airport came in at #24. Give up? Cincinnati! Gotta be the Gold Star Chili in Concourse B.

Fearless travel: FareCompare contributor has a new Kindle-edition book on crushing travel fears. Now if you happen to fear aliens from outer space, don’t go here.

Freebie of the day: Fly to Boston, take the Silver Line bus downtown for free. Now that’s a deal.

Beatle birthday: Paul McCartney has probably flown millions of miles while touring which is our excuse to say, Happy 70th.


Published: June 22, 2012