Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of June 17

This week: Dogs, magic dates, sub sandwiches! Now settle down and watch a very special video below.

Thor is angry: Among the PR releases in our inbox this week – “[Applause for] Florida Legislation Aimed at Ridding the Timeshare Disposal Industry of Viking Ship Schemes”.

What? Spirit didn’t make the list at all? SkyTrax names world’s 100 best airlines and Emirates was #1 followed by Qatar and Singapore. The highest ranking U.S. carrier: Virgin America (#29). Delta was the only legacy carrier to crack the top fifty (#45). MIA: Ryanair and Spirit.

Airfare like sandwiches: WSJ suggests no business operates like the airlines because if they did, that Subway sandwich would cost you more during ‘peak lunch hours’. May we suggest the WSJ check out Kohl’s pricing strategy?

Pet travel: Do you feel guilty if you don’t take Sparky on your flight? 73% do. Unfortunately, 75% don’t trust the airlines to keep dogs safe.

Magic dates: No, we’re not talking about having coffee with the guy who plays Superman, we’re talking about the cheapest days to fly this summer. Now these are truly magic dates.

For those who weigh more than 286 lbs: Samoa Air, the little carrier that instituted “pay by the pound” airline tickets is now offering XL size seats for the 280-pound plus set. And yes, they weigh you.

Thirsty? Too bad: When Norwegian Air Shuttle says you need a credit card for blankets, food and even water, they’re not kidding. And it better be the right card! A Thai woman ordered a cup of coffee on a recent flight – then, it was taken away from her after flight attendants decided her plastic wasn’t acceptable. As one outraged tweetster put it, “Not being able to drink water can lead to death.” Amen, pal.

Hello, Newman: Forbes talks about what the airlines could learn from Seinfeld re-runs which seems to be summed up as, “There’s got to be a better way.” The good news: there is a better way.

Worst airport employee ever: Pretty sure it’s this guy at China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. [See him in action in the video below!]

Thirst fee: More than 100 people on Tiger Airways were stuck on the plane at Melbourne for nearly three hours. Did they get any freebies for the inconvenience? They did not. Water was available but only for passengers who paid for it.

Flooded airport: Incessant heavy rains in New Delhi caused what airport authorities called “inconvenience” for passengers, but only if you consider it inconvenient to wade through knee deep water.

Asylum diversion: It’s now believed an apparent terrorist incident on the EgyptAir flight diverted to Scotland over the weekend was actually a ploy by five asylum-seeking Syrians. Authorities are still investigating but it’s pretty rare for a bad guy to leave a threatening note in which he helpfully jots down his seat number.

Video of a cargo loader having a very bad day:


Published: June 17, 2013