Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of June 11

Turbulence: Five were hurt Wednesday when turbulence hit a United flight out of Houston, including a flight attendant in serious condition. If you’re in your seat, keep your belt on.

Delta sued over gun: South Dakota college president got into a kerfuffle with Delta over a gun he declared and properly packed – he wound up in jail and isn’t happy. Question: Is the school in Deadwood? [No, Sioux Falls]

TSA finds: 22 guns were discovered packed in luggage by airport security – 18 of them were loaded. Not packed: any shred of common sense.

Headline of the week: “Odor forces flight back to Oakland” and it was bad enough to make a flight attendant sick. Source of stink still unknown – maybe a smelly passenger?

Pilot meltdown: Remember the JetBlue pilot who seemingly went nuts on a plane? Passengers who witnessed his rant say they “feared for their lives” and are now suing the airline.

Celebrity security: Congressman suggests stars be given a pass by TSA: “I mean, Beyonce’s not going to blow a plane up.” Probably not going to fly commercial, either. Should celebs get special treatment?

Divine intervention: Pope tells airport chaplains they can make a big impact on passengers “stressed out by demands of travel schedules and security measures.” Sounds like he’s been to O’Hare.

Dining at DFW: New restaurants coming to Terminals B & E include Blimpie, Dunkin’ Donuts, Natalie’s Sweet Gourmet and Wing Stop. Just watch out for airline ‘too fat to fly’ rules.


Published: June 15, 2012