Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of June 10

This week: Sexy ads, leakers in the news plus a passenger sing-along – and we’ve got the video! [See below]

Racy ad man gone: Spirit’s marketing whiz is heading to greener pastures. Does this mean an end to such illustrious campaigns as, “Have you seen our Weiner?” and “You’ll love our Double-Ds”?

Leaker not welcome: The Brits have warned airlines around the world not to allow secrets-leaker Edward Snowden to fly to the UK as it would be considered ‘detrimental to the public good’. If they disobey, they could face a fine of $3,130 (yeah, that’ll scare them).

Strange odor: A United plane heading from Houston to LA was diverted to Phoenix due to something smelly onboard but no one seems to know what it was. If anyone misplaced a tuna sandwich on their last flight, please call the airline.

Hotel beds by the hour: No, it’s not what you think! We’re talking about nap rooms offered by Minute Suites and they’re looking to expand at to Houston Bush airport. They’re already ensconced at DFW. $35 for an hour. A shower is extra.

Delirious flyers: Those folks trapped on the Allegiant jet where everyone was fainting and vomiting? It wasn’t all bad! See the happy passengers sing R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly”! Yes, we have the video (see below).

Soaring airport architecture: Among the best is said to be Spain’s Madrid-Barajas and somewhat surprisingly, the Raleigh/Durham airport (lots of wood and glass). Also mentioned: the Eero Saarinen designed TWA terminal at JFK – which, it should be pointed out, is no longer in use.

Slumber party: This week the always dignified, low-key NY Post featured the headline, “Wake up!!!” The accompanying story features photos of JFK security guards snoozing on the job.

Phony bomb threat: F-16s scrambled to escort a Southwest plane diverted after a bomb threat was called in (no bomb was found). Since no one was hurt, we can turn to other matters like, why do they call it a scramble, Rick?

Star Wars cane: It looked like the TSA might confiscate a cane used by Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca, but he got it back eventually. The fact that it looked like a light sabre might have had a little something to do with it, plus it was very long but then Mayhew is too (7’3″). Just hope he wasn’t crammed into coach.

Airline logos: See how they change – logos that used to be fussy, busy and overloaded with images are all streamlined simplicity today. Also, boring – kind of like the evolution of flight attendant uniforms.

Lightning strike: A JetBlue plane was hit by lightning Friday night so pilot diverted to Newark but everyone was fine. By the way this happens more often than you might think but you don’t have to worry – much.

Mini-suites on JetBlue: A touch of luxury may be coming to some JetBlue flights. Aviation sources say the discounter may add four mini-suites to some planes which would certainly soothe rattled nerves during lightning strikes.

Abomination: That’s the word a Forbes columnist used to describe outgoing American CEO’s $20 million severance. What do you call it?

Drunk chopper crash: Russian authorities say the reason a helicopter crashed outside Moscow last December was because the pilot let a drunk passenger take over the controls. The pilot was also reportedly drunk. Earlier this year, an alert TSA officer stopped an allegedly inebriated airline pilot before he could get in the cockpit.

Passengers trapped on Allegiant flight break into song! [Check it out at :55]


Published: June 10, 2013