Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of July 9

FAA proposes $13 million fine for Boeing: Plane maker allegedly missed deadline to submit ‘service instructions’ by hundreds of days. Meanwhile, fine sure looks puny next to Boeing’s $9 billion deal with United. UPDATE – Boeing’s response: They have since provided the instructions for “the out-of-production aircraft that are the subject of the penalty.”

Hell flight: An 81 year old blind man allegedly kicked and screamed on a Spirit flight to Florida, so the pilot to diverted to Houston. Then the screaming really got loud as the other passengers learned take-off would be delayed for 14 hours.

Another hell flight: 15 seconds is all it took to send five people to the hospital after an American Airlines flight from Aruba to Miami hit turbulence. Please, do not end up as “pancake batter“.

If these guys say turn off your phone, do it: Officials say a fight on a Chinese airline that left two passengers dead was a hijack attempt. Crew that pummeled passengers rewarded with cash and cars.

Stylish flight attendants: Virgin America has unveiled new crew uniforms in collaboration with Banana Republic and they look nice, but – where are the hot pants and go-go boots?

Another fashion note: If you’ll be flying to the Olympics, you’ll get to see the U.S. team’s new Ralph Lauren uniforms – that were made in China! But, aside from that – what’s with the berets?

30 Rock Star: August cover of Vanity Fair mag features mild-mannered actor Alec Baldwin being shushed by an angry flight attendant.

Man bites dog: Florida woman who didn’t like her pat-down was convicted of assaulting a TSA officer. She gets probation, a fine, and classes in anger management.

Etiquette errors: TripAdisor names top vacation sins including blasting loud music and hogging pool chairs. TSA says, just don’t try to smuggle any sun screen lotion – or worse, a snow globe.

Best inflight meals: Turkish Airlines wins for its stuffed eggplant, caprese salad and walnut pear tart. In last place: American Airlines. You know things are bad when you get beaten by Aeroflot.


Published: July 13, 2012