Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of July 23

Stormy weather: Raging winds and rain – even a tornado in Elmira, New York – cancels hundreds of flights this week. Hardest hit: LaGuardia.

Justin Bieber’s plane language: 18-year-old singer allegedly uses numerous four-letter words on a flight from New Zealand. A fellow passenger told him to knock it off. He did – and apologized.

Olympics are coming: And so are cool planes decorated in hommage to the Games. Best of the bunch: British Airways’ dove plane.

Zero security hassles: 11-year-old boy in Manchester, England, is bored so he heads to the airport and hops a flight to Rome. No passport, no ticket, no problem.

Proposal snafu: Man claims allegedly rude flight attendant derailed his mid-air proposal. Embarrassing trend that forces complete strangers to witness private rituals continues unabated.

Proposal crash: Small plane towing a “Will you marry me?” banner crashes. Pilot OK but the answer to the banner’s question is unknown.

Watch it, mate: Virgin Australia crews are being told to “get away from the ‘sex’ look.” Somewhere, Richard Branson is weeping. [Editor’s note: Cheer up, Richard! We just received an email from Virgin that began, “Think of us as a friend with benefits.”]

RIP: A bull that wandered through a Vietnamese airport for two days, disrupting several flights, was finally captured and removed. Then it died.


Published: July 27, 2012