Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of July 2

Hijacking or brawl? Media reports say two men on a Chinese airliner either tried to hijack the plane or argued over seat assignments. Either way, there was a “tussle” with the crew. Must have been some tussle: the two men reportedly died.

Update on pilot meltdown: Remember the JetBlue pilot who went nuts on a plane? He’s been declared not guilty of interfering with a flight crew by reason of insanity.

Want to see the President? Well, too bad, he’s busy. However, if you fly into Oregon’s Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport you can see an exact replica of the Oval Office.

But at least they got a $75 flight voucher: Medical emergency diverts LA-bound United flight to Midland, TX but then ‘maintenance issue’ found so passengers were stuck overnight in the airport. If only that former Oval Office occupant could have put them up.

Flight attendant secrets: Worst drink to serve? One stew says, Diet Coke. Worst drink to get? Anything on Spirit – since you have to pay for it.

Free travel tips: An adventurous lad has penned a book called, “How to Travel the World for Free”. Here’s another tip: You won’t want to do what he had to do to reach his goal.

Epic battle: In case you missed it, Spirits muscles in on Southwest’s turf, but Southwest battles back with live TV (hope you like Fox or MSNBC).

Headline of the week: “How to Have Fun in the Airport”. The article suggests every traveler pack an age-appropriate ‘Boredom Bag’. Almost afraid to ask, but – what will go in yours?

X-rated airspace: Virgin Atlantic offers “Fifty Shades of Grey” as audio book selection on flights. A little something for the Boredom Bag?


Published: July 6, 2012