Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of July 16

Pilot dead after wrecking jetliner: Man sought in girlfriend’s death – he worked for SkyWest but was on administrative leave – allegedly took over 50-seat regional jet at southern Utah’s St. George airport, smashed it into a fence, then killed himself.

United pilots vote to OK a strike: Frustrated pilots say they’ve made sacrifices but management hasn’t and while their vote doesn’t mean they will strike – it does give the suits something to think about.

Naked guy wins: Judge rules man who took all his clothes off at a TSA line was not indecent, just protesting. Still a possibility: $11,000 fine.

Knock it off: Somebody pointed a laser in a JetBlue cockpit and injured a pilot’s eye. You know people go to jail for this, right?

Second coming delayed: You remember the old People Express? Well, the 2.0 version, PeoplExpress, was supposed to begin flying in August. Now they say next year. Maybe.

Airline employee’s 70th anniversary: Al Black was 16 when he started as a mechanic for American back in 1942. He’s still on the job.

Travel must-have: Air-conditioned pants.

Headline of the day: After needles are found in Delta sandwiches, CNN asks “How safe is airline food?” To which the only sensible response for most of us is – what airline food?


Published: July 20, 2012