Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Jan. 7

This week – ongoing sagas about bad passengers, problem planes and a fun new use for duct tape!

Man of the year: Patrick Morgan was cleaning the Ft. Lauderdale airport when he found an iPad and noticed it had $13,000 stuffed in its case. Morgan turned it in. The iPad’s owner gave him a reward of $60. Morgan gave the money to a homeless woman. Here’s to you, Patrick Morgan.

Dreamliner glitch, Part I: Well, if you can call a fire a glitch. Happened in Boston, plane was parked and empty, nothing much was hurt with the possible exception of Boeing’s pride.

Dreamliner glitch, Part II: Again in Boston! According to reports, a wiring problem was found on a United 787 which affected the same system that produced the earlier fire. UPDATE-1: Even more glitches in Japan. UPDATE-2: OK, says the FAA, that’s enough, time to investigate.

Alleged bad passenger, Part I: 19-year-old son of Sen. Rand Paul is arrested Sat. for public intoxication after flight lands in Charlotte at 11 a.m.. Dad, meanwhile, had his own airport adventure a year ago in a tussle with the TSA.

Alleged bad passenger, Part II: Passengers help duct tape man to seat on Iceland Air flight after he reportedly downed entire bottle of alcohol and began a reign of groping terror. Another good reason why duct tape is one of the 10 Items that Should be in Every Travel Bag.

Monkey business – primates: United says it will no longer transport “non-human primates” for use in research labs. However, fee experiments on humans will continue.

Monkey business – TSA: Charlotte airport screener is fired for allegedly stealing small amount of cash from passenger’s suitcase, which begs the question – was that $36 worth your job?

Airline sells London townhouse: Bankrupt American bids farewell to the $23 million Kensington digs used by its big-wigs. The sounds of  sobbing from AA’s executive suites is said to is deafening.



Published: January 11, 2013