Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Jan. 28

Something for everyone: miraculous flights, profanity and torture – plus another great use for our old friend, duct tape.

Ouch: Man (allegedly) uses profanity on wrong airline – one owned by a company in Singapore. Due to its tough “modesty” laws, he could have been whacked with a cane. Instead he just faces jail time. Talk about dodging a bullet.

Duct tape diapers: Two women are seen at JFK walking “awkwardly,” so Sparky the K-9 goes to work, discovers a whole lot of drugs in their duct tape undies. This is not why Rick Seaney says always carry duct tape while traveling.

Hey! Let’s fly! In France! Air France launches new low-cost carrier called HOP! which is supposed to foster a “more youthful, agile” corporate identity. Or maybe just a more enthusiastic one.

Cheapskate airline: More bizarre chatter courtesy Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza who says he likes the idea of being called the Dollar Store of the Sky.

New Miracle-on-the-Hudson: Pilot and passenger survive as small plane crash-lands in the New York river almost 4 years to the day after Capt. Sully pulled off the first miracle.

$6 million lawsuit: Family of a morbidly obese woman (407 pounds) sues Delta, KLM and Lufthansa, blaming them for her death because they failed to fly her from Hungary to her home in New York. A sad and very complicated story.


Published: February 1, 2013