Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Jan. 23

Ommmmmm: Need to get your Zen on while traveling? Try the yoga room at San Francisco International. Need millions of live butterflies? Try this airport.

Snowy owls invade airports: Okay, maybe “invade” is too strong – how about, “hanging out”? Bird-watchers spot snowy owls at Syracuse and Boston airports. Hey, as long as they’re not geese, right, Capt. Sully?

Geeks and freaks at the airport: USA Today lists the best airports for people watching and quotes a psychologist who says, “It is no longer deemed inappropriate by many to stare at others.” Hmm. Perhaps that explains

Look for gerbils flocking to Guam: Our travel correspondent in Guam reports that the Zorb Thrill Ride has arrived. You know, that giant, see-through ball that is rolled down a hill with you screaming inside it. Sounds like fun, or as the folks at VisitGuam put it, “If you’ve ever wondered how a gerbil feels racing across his wheel, Zorb is for you.”

Hello Kitty: Taiwan-based EVA Airways is decking out its planes with the iconic cartoon cat because, well, why not? See it on Taipei/Guam flights. Yes, Guam again.

Goodbye Kitty: Ripples the cat escaped his carrier on an Air Canada plane preparing for take-off, running into the cockpit where he got stuck in some wires. It took 4 hours to free Ripples. Said one passenger, “Catastrophe!” Or maybe I just think I heard that.

American Airlines employees – uh-oh: In a classic example of corporate-speak, American’s CEO sent a letter to workers this week telling them the airline will get ‘leaner’ as it emerges from bankruptcy and here’s how: “We will obviously end the process with fewer people.” Don’t take their jobs away and insult their intelligence. Just say it: layoffs.


Published: January 27, 2012